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Creative Characters 

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We Stand Above The Rest

We truly care about our products and our customers. When we create our life-size mannequins and life size dummies

Our Reputation

We stake our reputation on each project. We use only the best materials and labor to create the perfect addition to your project. 

Our Process

Browse our gallery
All our characters you see on the site are available to be made to order. 

When you see something you like you can give us a call or email and we will get your specific order details
Contact us
You can call us at 618-553-2767 or email us
We make and ship to you
We process all orders and will custom design your life-size mannequin to the design you specified. If you have any questions or concerns you can call us anytime. 
Take Your Life-Size Mannequin Further

Visit Our Gallery

While not a necessary step, our gallery can give you ideas to choose a look you like and add it to a mannequin order. 

Make it Unique
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Take Your Life-Size Mannequin Further

What we offer

creative characters life size figures car show museum
We take pride in our hand made products. If you are looking for life-size mannequins, full-size figures or characters, oil gans, gas station attendants, gas station accessories, fuel pumps, retro fuel pumps, classic car garage decoration and more. 

What our clients say

My experience with Creative Characters has been "over the top" in quality and execution of special request projects
Richard H. Enrico
CEO, 2nd Shade Patio Furniture
I really enjoy working with Dave and Nena, who have an attention to detail, accommodate special orders and treat you like family.
Leah Gabrielli
Battery Saver

We are ready,
Lets talk.

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Our Location

Creative Characters / Gas Pumps & Accessories LLC
Oblong, Illionois
(618) 553-2767

Our Services

All Life Size Characters & Life Size Dummies are $899. 

Give us a call to order or contact us with the form!

Life-Size mannequins, life-size figures, full-size mannequins, full-size characters, figures, gas station attendents, gas station props, gas pumps, oil cans, famous mannequins, seasonal figures

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